What is

You are currently on the platform which aims to help you in your decision-making in order to answer the famous question: How to find the best high school for my child / teenager?

A situation that isn’t always obvious, for example, when we move to a new city, a new country or simply when it’s our first experience. Each teenager is unique, has special needs, own interests and is there to help you. Whether it is a public, private or international high school, a regular or an alternative, any school board with a program of sports combined with study, a choir or a science-oriented program that you are looking for, you will be able to, by saving a maximum of time, find the perfect high school in Montreal from our platform.


But how does work ?

In fact, it is very simple! There are two main ways to browse our site:

Postal Code

First, using your postal code. By entering it in the search bar provided, you will be able to see all the schools near your home. You will also see the distance between the schools and the geographic location you are in during your search. The more you zoom in on the map, the smaller the number of schools and the more refined your search will be. The opposite is also true, if you zoom out, you will see more options available across the Island of Montreal.

You will also see that the list of all high schools appearing on the map (coloured flags) is on the left, it will help you know their identity. By clicking on one of the schools on the list, the flag will change color from blue to green. You will find a small heart on each card of every school in order to bookmark them and then show your pre-selection to your teenager. You can consult each school file more deeply in order to know their different study programs, whether or not they offer private school transport, the clubs and extracurricular activities available, dates for every open house (autumn and winter) and even more.


The second method is by selection by filters. At the left of the card, there is a blue vertical bar with the word Filters written on it. By clicking on it, you will notice several categories listed as a drop-down list. By selecting your child’s needs (resource specialist, music, science or multisport program, etc.) or yours (school uniform, high school for girls only or boys only, etc.), the list of schools on the map will only show schools that match your choices. So you can explore only the schools that are most relevant to you and save as much time as possible.