5 facts to know about the back to school 2020

The back to school 2020 is imminent and the new health measures put in place by the government are obviously forcing secondary schools to adapt. This is why we present you 5 facts to know about the back to school 2020, so you (as parents) can know the changes your children will experience depending on their level.

For secondary 1 to 3 students

1. Organization of classes into sub-groups

In fact, it is in groups of 6 students that students from secondary 1 to secondary 3 will be gathered in the classroom. This new organization of space will make it possible to respect the recommended one meter of physical distance between the students and the two meters between the students and the teaching/support staff.

2. Minimized traffic in the hallways

Students in the first three years of high school will not have to walk in the hallways between class periods. Rather, it is the teachers who will change premises according to the established schedules in order to limit the number of people circulating at the same time.

3. Modified optional course schedules

The optional course schedules as the students have known them will no longer be the same for the back to school 2020. These will also be reorganized like the regular courses, therefore in sub-groups, in order to ensure the continuation of activities.

Note that these are the same measures as for elementary school students.

For secondary 4 and 5 students

4. 100% class attendance possible

Secondary 4 and 5 students, unlike first cycle students, will have the opportunity to evolve along two options. The first corresponds to the one mentioned above, which is the same as that for students in Secondary 1 to 3: 100% presence within the school premises for all students, while maintaining the organization in sub-groups.

5. Partial continuation of homeschooling

The second option makes it possible to respond to the problems of logistics and lack of space related to the arrangement of all the pupils in small closed groups. Second cycle students will have the opportunity to be physically in school 50% of the time. It is therefore a rotation of the groups every other day. Students will also be asked to complete some work online and at home, as they did during confinement. The student’s path will be determined according to the decision made by the school service centers (former school boards) or the school administration depending on their reality on the ground.

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Source: Gouvernement du Quebec

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